solpaneler intresseanmälan

PPAM Solkraft constructs and installs solar power plants for all types of customers – companies, house owners, industries, municipalities i.e. We supply everything from single solar panels to turnkey installations.

A combination of skilled staff, close ties with our suppliers, the ability to deliver faster and aesthetically designed solar power plants makes us unique on the Swedish market. We have, in recent years, supplied and installed photovoltaic systems throughout Sweden and today PPAM SOLKRAFT is one of the leading players in the solar power field in Sweden.

You can read more about our products in our product sheets. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Gott nytt år! I dag tas kravet på momsregistrering för mikroproducenter bort. En bra start på det nya året.
På bilden ser du PPAM Transparium som ger 400 watt/panel, den här installationen styrs av FerroAmps Energyhub.
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